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Frequently asked questions


What does bojä mean?

"machine" in Otomí, the language spoken by the indigenous inhabitants of our region.

Where can you ship parts to?

We ship internationally, within 2-3 business days they can be anywhere you need them to be.

Can I visit your facilities?

Absolutely! Given the current health crisis, we will ask you to follow certain safety requirements, but we are open to scheduling a visit, including virtual tours or remote conferencing. Please send an email to hola@boja3d.mx or call us at +52 442 253-1409.

Can you visit our facilities?

We would love to visit and learn more about how additive manufacturing can work in your facilities. If you have particular needs or are just curious about 3D printing, we can design a specific course and identify opportunities for your business.

3D Printing

How much will it cost to print a part?

Pricing depends on size, weight and quantity of parts required. If you would like a quote, please send your files and any additional information about your requirements to hola@boja3d.mx

Which file formats can you print?

For manufacturing only, ideal formats are STL or 3MF, but we can work with a large variety of file types. If you need us to make any modifications to your design, we will need STEP, IGS, Parasolid or SolidWorks files.

I don't have a file, can you still provide a quote?

If you don't have a file we can help you with your design or we can quote based on an estimated volume model we create for you. Please keep in mind this will be an estimated price and can vary depending on the final version.

How fast can you print my parts?

For MJF we can ship urgent parts in as little as 2 business days, for FFF we can ship small parts within 24 hours. Larger parts may take 2-3 business days.

What tolerances can you achieve?

For MJF: +/- 0.2mm and +/- 0.2% for parts larger than 80mm.
For FFF: +/- 0.5mm.

Can you issue dimensional certifications?

We have external partners that can certify parts for aviation, auto and many other industries, please let us know if you need any certifications when you request a quote.

What are the maximum dimensions you can produce?

For MFJ 380 x 280 x 380mm and for FFF 600 x 600 x 600mm.
For larger parts, we can print in segments and join/assemble.


Do I need to optimize my parts?

Although 3D printing is a very versatile process, there are certain geometric limitations depending on the printing technology selected. Every design is inspected prior to production to look for any problem areas. If the design requires optimization, we will let you know when quoting.

I have an idea, can you help design it?

Absolutely! Ideally you want to consider 3D printing at the very start of your design process, this is why we start by filling out a design brief together with you and then begin designing. If your project requires expertise in other areas, we have a network of partners that can assist throughout the entire process.

What is a design brief?

It is a document we use to make sure that we understand all your needs and the objectives for your project. If we start a design project, it is a necessary step to ensure we have all the relevant information and nothing is left out of the equation.

I have a 2D diagram, can you create a 3D part?

Definitely, as long as the diagram has all the required dimensions indicated.

I have a physical part, can you duplicate it?

Yes! We have two options: modeling or scanning. The choice will depend on the complexity of the part and the precision needed. Once a 3D model is ready, we can go ahead with production.

General Info

Confidentiality Agreements

If your project requires a confidentiality agreement, please let us know and we will provide one or work with your own to make sure you are comfortable with how we protect your information.

International Shipping

We offer in person delivery in Querétaro or different types of courier delivery anywhere in the world to ensure your parts make it quickly and safely.

Unlimited Changes

You can print hundreds of the same part or make every single one unique. "Mass customization" is a reality with additive manufacturing. Let us show you how to make the best out of it.