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Multi Jet Fusion

Making serial additive manufacturing of functional parts a reality

Multi Jet Fusion is a technology developed by HP for powder-based polymers. It enables production of higher density, lower porosity parts when compared to other additive manufacturing methods.

Parts manufactured with Multi Jet Fusion are completely functional and ready for several different post-processing methods, such as dyeing, polishing, painting, etc.

The large batch processing in this technology allows for shorter, efficient production times that are ideal for functional prototyping and small to medium production runs of end use parts.

Material Specifications

MultiJet Fusion





Ideal for short and mid volume production of functional parts

Negative angles, assemblies, ducts, and other geometries previously not possible without MJF

MJF's production speed is unrivaled among additive manufacturing technologies

The chemical and mechanical properties of MJF materials make them useful in a wide range of applications

How Fusing and Detailing Agents Work | Jet Fusion 3D Printing | HP

How Fusing and Detailing Agents Work | Jet Fusion 3D Printing | HP

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