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Versatility at a low cost

Filament 3D printing allows a wide variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, wood-filled and flexible, as well as multiple colors and combinations.

Geometric complexity is limited in this technology due to the need for support materials in many instances. Also, filament printed parts are not isotropic. Still, this method remains very popular for the cost savings involved, and it is ideal for prototyping, building scale models or promotional materials, any application where low cost is the fundamental requirement.

MultiJet Fusion

Variety of Materials




We offer Filament 3D printing parts up to 60x60x60 cms

From PLA to PC, filament printing offers a large variety of materials and colors

Ideal for quick test parts,

for basic form and look exploration

For single and low volume parts, filament printing is typically the lowest cost option

Baby Groot -  3D Printing Time Lapse
Shawn Gano

Baby Groot - 3D Printing Time Lapse

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